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Author Glen C. Schulz. Glen has received numerous wonderful reviews of his first book, "Unlawful Flight." . We invite you to pull up a comfortable chair and explore more of his writings and things to come.

 By the way, Glen is represented by literary agent Sammy Montana and Anarchy Management.

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Unlawful Flight: A Parental Kidnapping is the true-life memoir of father's rights advocate Glen C. Shulz, whose acrimonious divorce culminated in a false accusation of sexually abusing his two children. Stripped of his visitation rights without so much as a hearing, and desperate to be with his children despite a legal system heavily biased against him, he fled with both children to Houston, Texas. On the run from the FBI and the police, he and his children assumed false identities and received help from friends, family, and teachers, who hid the children when Glen was arrested and when their mother tried to steal them back. Eventually, after multiple arrests, Glen succeeded in denying overwhelming odds and earning full custody of his children. A heart-wrenching story of family strife, yet also of love and ultimately of reconciliation. A final afterword from Glen's daughter rounds out the compelling tale: "There has never been a day in my whole life when I regretted what my father has done... I did eventually forge a relationship with my mother; I got to know her for eight years before her untimely death. In the end there were no harsh words spoken, just a family that had finally come full circle." A powerful testimony of one man's dedication to his children, and the trying family times that tested and tempered his faith in God.

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